Chapter House

The Chapter House is one of the Great Houses. A huge building with an impressive collonade and freize at the front dominates the main entry way into to Kaladire from teh landward or north side. It is the home of the guild of Paladins called the Chapter of Kaladire. It is unique as a guild of Paladins in that several different gods are represented by its adherants. To be a holy warrior and paladin within the walls of Kaladire however you must be a member or at least an acknowledged asscociate of the Chapter House.

Because of these differing theologies as might be expected there is resistance and competition within the guild. At different times different gods have had more sway than others. However never are you more likely to meet an open minded paladin than here. Due to their need to create voting blocks and work together against the dominance of the other guilds many paladins here have made alliances across faiths. This has forged strange bonds of friendship and battlelines not always determined by alignment.

Within the Chapter house is a collonaded quadrange open to the air which is where much of the drilling, physical training and combats of honour take place. The shrines reside with the walls and are fequented by all the Knights/Paladins of the Order. The Paladins take their responsibilities to safe guard not only the lives but the souls of those in their charge very seriously. It is compulsory for every member to visit the shrines and learn the doctrines of at least four deities other than his own patron to widen his understanding and to allow him to sit in disciplinary judgement if called on.

The Chapter House is often busy but at times of prayer it is as silent as the very centre of the desert. It is a place of great learning and many histories scorned by the magi and clerics are kept and honoured here.

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Chapter House

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