Named for the elven goddess of peace, Zena, Zenis is one of the three key cities of Rimic. She is the hub of Rimic’s tade and economy. A symbol of unity and friendship it is more open to other races than any of the other Aquatikol towns. It is the very centre of the elaborate waterway called the Webway. This series of canals and underwater tunnels connects Zenis to the towns of Rimic, like the arteries and veins of a body connect a heart to its organs.

Zenis is constantly crowded with elves coming, going, buying and selling and is known for its celebrations which are many. It is ruled by the Adjudicator who hold a position as one of the three rulers of Rimic.

The Adjudicator is in charge of all economic, guild, building, trade and land dealings. He and he alone decides how the taxes and income of the nation shall be spent. Yet he is traditionally unargumentative and known for smoothing the ways of both the King and Moon Seer.

Zenis and the Waterway are patrolled by a law enforcement group. Water-Wardens are fully equipped fighters though they fight more like rangers. Unlike the military proper they are not led by a general but by the Count of Zenis, The Adjudicator. They are usually armed with twin magical daggers which are the signature mark of their profession. In a time of war they can be immediately mobilised and consist of about 800 elves in all. Even in War the Water-Wardens report first to the Adjudicator.

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