Wraith Blade

A wraith blade is an evil weapon and is created using soul magic rather than divine, Tal/life based or runic magic. Soul magic is always evil in every incarnation of it that has been discovered to date. Hence these weapons will not be used by any but those who have openly acknowledged to themselves their own infamy.

The weapons are incredibly deadly as they contain a wraith stone holding within it a single wraith. When the victim is struck the wraith will use the wound to provide it easy access into the victim. Apparently access to the blood of the victim and the shock of being wounded assist the wraith in this. Once the blade is uninhabited it is ‘merely’ a cursed blade that causes wounds which are difficult to heal and leaves its mark on the soul of anyone foolish enough to wield it.

The masked man used one of these blades on the Glyph Brother almost killing him. This wriath has now been recovered by the… by Vicious.

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Wraith Blade

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