This is the elven outpost in the elven wood known as Hardbark. Hardbark is just north is about 10 leagues north of the border with the Aurian Empire and east of the River Serpent.

Commanded by a Bowlord, Woodguard is a well hidden and defended military outpost. During a Wargak invasion an army laying siege to Dusken got bored and tried to raid the elven city. No greenskin will now go anywhere near it.

As a primarily military establishment, the elves have made Woodguard more invisible than beautiful. It is therefore difficult to attack and almost suicide, as the elven rangers and the deadly Shadeborn, who patrol Hardbark constantly, kill intruders without remorse and often without warning.

The city itself is within the treetops and is covered with foliage and traps for the uninitiated. Its walkways are edged with set crossbows that can be loaded swiftly and release deadly volleys of arrows. Large bolt throwers are also hidden on treetop platforms for larger or well armoured targets. These siege weapons can fire a stride-long iron bolt with enough force to go through a shield, plate armour, a man and his horse.

Woodguard also is home to some of the last ancient beasts. Some Garst Boars and a pack of Ferine Wolves both live in the woods. These huge, legendary animals hearken to the druids of Woodguard and fight in its defence.

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