A man who seemed to age before his time. Always white-haired even from a young age, Thanolian proved to be quick witted and organised. He also possessed no small amount of arcane might and natural spell casting talent. He rose in popularity among his fellows and broke the tradition of having only one apprentice, taking dozens. He also broke the tradition of wizards not having mundane work. He rose through the Ro’Tier and became advisor to the prince and later his royalVizier when he became Emperor Cartazian.

As Vizier he masterminded the organisation of the Sapphire Wizards’ Guild and was one of its first Master Magi. As a wizard and soon enough to the world he was known as Whitefire. He grew a long beard in his old age and kept his hair, allowing it to grow long and it was said, even his eyes were on the silvery side of grey.

Some people said that when they looked in his eyes or listened to his words it was like fire encased in ice. He always seemed calm, but he had an inner fire or potency that all who knew him or spoke to him felt, like a living moving thing.

Though he planned the Blue Crystal Palace and should be considered its chief architect he never lived to see it completed. Though he was prodigiously long lived his master piece that would signal the completion of the guild he created would take over 400 years to complete.

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