Known as the Waterway, the Waterweb or the Webway, it is a huge and complex series of channels and tunnels that ridd;e the middle of Rimic. It allows for a huge amount of swift trade to pass between many towns and small cities in the area it covers known as the Cluster. It is called the Waterweb or Webway becasue the latice of channels and tunnels is thought to be much like a web preading out from Zenis at its centre.

The Webway is an astounding merger of magic, imagination and engineering unequalled by anything any human has or could achieve. It is for secrets like the Webway that the humans, the Torans in perticular claim they continue to attack the Aquati.

Many elves travel the tunnels and water channels by swimming but the majority use Webriders, small sealed shell like transports. These hold air but it only lasts a matter of hours before it must be renewed. They are lit by small glowing pearls.

Zenis and the Waterway are patrolled by a law enforcement group. Water-Wardens are fully equipped fighters though they fight more like rangers. Unlike the military proper they are not led by a general but by the Count of Zenis, The Adjudicator. They are usually armed with twin magical daggers which are the signature mark of their profession. In a time of war they can be immediately mobilised and consist of about 800 elves in all. Even in War the Water-Wardens report first to the Adjudicator.

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