Chakkra attack

As normal attacks but seals abilities including class abilities, racial abilities and feats based on anything physical.

Various levels d4/d6/d8/d12

Ki Bolt

Ranged touch attack 20ft increment.
Dam= Monk unarmed + WIZ
Back lash WIZ modifier.

Ki Blast

A long bolt of energy similar to a lightning bolt.
Damage is pure range 110ft all targets saving throw 1/2 monk level + 10 + WIZ = DC

Damage WIZ MODIFIER in d6s
Back Lash WIZ MOD squared.

If WIZ is 0-9 use d6 and 110ft 5ft wide.
10 -19 220ft, width 10 ft, using d8s for damage.
20-30 use d10s and range 330ft and width 15ft.
30 plus use d12s and range 440ft and width 20ft.

Ki Detonation

Radius centred on monk
Save for half pure damage. 1/2 Monk lvl+10+WIZ = DC
Damage: WIZ score in d6s
Backlash WIZ MOD cubed.

WIZ is : -
+ 0 – + 4 use d6, Radius 10ft
+ 5 to + 9 d8 Radius 20ft
+10- + 14 d10s Radius 25ft
+ 15 to + 19 d12s Radius 30ft
20 or more use d20s Radius 40ft

Explosive Fists

+ 5 to attack and double damage, +5 to AC.
(Only available under the influence of an impulse user Dean)

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