An area of the Aurian Empire.

Located in a valley trapped between the Tor Honarik Trading Area on the south, the Protectorates to the north and the impassable Staggered Cliffs on the border with Torash. Vormach is, for all intents and purposes, a self contained country. It is held by the church and has its own laws, taxes, leaders and military.

The Valley is ruled by the god Celer, and, in a more-day-to-day capacity, his chosen voice, the Cardinal. The laws are hand picked from Celer’s holy book and then there are those added by the Cardinals throughout the centuries.

The valley is covered in churches, tombs of old Cardinals and holy men, holy shrines, abbeys, cathedrals, monasteries and gardens full of statues and league-long mosaics; all glorifying Celer and what he stands for: money. It is rumoured to house riches beyond any Aurian’s wildest dreams.

It is guarded by the Cellan Guard. In their red cloaks and golden helms they stand out clearly in any crowd. It is the largest private army in the world, numbering in the thousands. They swear loyalty only to the church and its Cardinal, not to the Empire or its Emperor.

Due to the high walls of the valley and the Staggered Cliffs to the east, Vormach is only feasibly entered from the western end. This entrance is guarded by Ironhold, an impressively grim fortress considering all the beauty and riches that lie behind it. It is a huge deterrent, thick-set and the stronghold of the Cellan Guard and the bastion of the Holy Golden Knights. It is the Protector of the Church.


At the eastern end of the valley is the city of Vormach itself. It is the size of a city but filled with more holy buildings and monuments rather than market places and shops. The Cardinal’s Palace is located here. A place of great beauty and, of course, riches.

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