On the east bank near the source of the serpent river is a small town called Vigris. Its occupants are the Vhentra a strange, delicate, almost fey race about which little is known.

The Vhentra are not quite pascifists but the eschew physical violence though they will use their knowledge of runes to protect themselves at need.

This town is surrounded by a simple wall covered in runes. It is not a sealed town but nor does it do much buisness with the outside. The Vhentra are not interested in selling and indeed they make very little. Vigris is a centre of learning instead and only a few outsiders ever manage the stringent learning lifestyle of the Vhentra. Many who come hoping to learn leave because the Vhentra race are the only ones capable of using and therefore truely learning the thing they study the most, ‘living runes’.

Invasions from Wargak mysteriously never bother Vigris even if they come within sight of it. Something either warns them away, or hides Vigris from their mundane sight, it is unknown either way. Yet while it is not a sealed city Vigris will not accept refugees from anywhere, the Vhentra believing that only through the consequences of war can humans and the other races be cured of their use of it.


Vigris is a paradise in its structural building and the way its people live. There is no death here as it is known on the rest of Tal. Its learning and understanding are unmatched, their is a uniqueness and equality to each person and learning and understanding here are so unmatched as to promote knowledge above all else. There is no poverty in Vigris no poor or even rich.

Vigris is occupied by the Vhentra and their guests. No non-Vhentra can ever really be considered at home here.

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