One of the three key cities of Rimic, Venesti is the only militaried city below the Military Border. Surrounded by the inevitably deadly enchanted River of Knives the city is incredibly difficult to attack.

Entry and escape are only possible over the two ancient Twin bridges, known by many names: Necara and Senara, Life and Death, North and South, Way and Barrier or most often as Birth and Blood. They are heavily defended bridges and some claim that in a mysterious (and never explained) way the bridges are themselves alive.

Inside Venesti are the royal quarters of the ruling Laquan house. The King still descended from this house after centuries of its rulership rules from here. Within Venesti itself the King’s word is law to any elf who hears it and if he uses his title in any sentence it is to be considered law and not to be questioned. (Needless to say the King is careful about what he says). As King he also carries the title of Count of Venesti and therefore War Marshal of Rimic.

The King is one of the three rulers of Rimic. He has ultimate perogative in any decisions reguarding warfare or the defence of Rimic. If there is a single ruler of Rimic it is he though King’s have never been known, in all Rimic’s long history, to have openly acted against the wishes of the Moon Seer. The King has a vital part to play in creating and especially maintaining the laws of Rimic. It is to the King that the Trident Knights and the Knights Glace swear allegience.

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