Unification Wars

These are a group of wars embarked on by the newly founded Aurian Empire they run officially from 2 to 22 PE but these dates can be contested. Some argue that the War of Thorns which didn’t conclude until 34PE should be included others that it shouldn’t as Torash was never united into the Empire.

These wars all features aggressive moves by the new Aurian Empire against one or other of the originally 34 City States of Karandia. Some had already joined Auria willingly and others had been forced in the First Commerce Wars. Significant events of note in these wars are as follows.

The conquest of the eastern reaches of what is now the Protectorates. These states had small cities but lots of villages and farming communities. They would in the end pump out the supplies and man power needed for Auria’s continued expansionism.

The victory at Wrennost in the valleys to the north cemented Grant Boldant‘s position as Auria’s foremost general. This involved some fights with Alkan warlords as well as the taking of a very belligerent city state. Silverscale Keep was later built in the main valley here to ensure control of the area.

The conquering of the Oakreach Conglomerate would be the Aurian’s first foray into the Oakland forest as it would become known. And the success in taking the city state that claimed shared ownership of that woodland and its crucial resources. It also gave them a line to the sea.

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Unification Wars

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