Undivided Lands


These are the strip of land directly below Wargak. This area can be seen in one of two ways. One it is ‘undivided’ because no one dares to have or conquer it, or two, it is divided into thousands of individual buildings or homes spread out haphazardly across it. These lands are if anything the most dangerous plac to live in civilisation. These are the true frontiers men and women of Karandia.

Living here are strange mages, dragons, mythical beasts of every description, rogues and the overspil of terrible sweeps of Wargak’s monsterous population. Yet between all that live many small frontieer homes who know that here if no where else on Karandia they can claim a piece of land free from tax, law or obligaton. No country, not even Saracan claims these lands.

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Undivided Lands

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