Truth Speakers may not actually exist. There is little of no record of them except in fairy stories and morality tales. Most intellectuals and magi discount them as invested fictional ideas of a bygone era.

Having said that most morality tales in which they feature agree on what their core powers weer and suggest their purpose is to teach mortals lessons.

Truthspeakers have no power other than to state the truth. They can only say something is so if it is actually so. They cannot change the truth nor would they wish to… ever.

However once a truthspeaker speaks a truth it is true forever. So if you are married and a truthspeakers tells you that you are it cannot be undone. Some marriages that people have tried to split after the truth saying for example resulted in almost-instantaneous death for one of the parties involved.

If they say you are young you will always be young though maybe not in the way you might think.

They are all tales agree impossible to decieve thoughthey may pretend to be deceived.

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