Found on the western coast of southern Rimic opposite Lake Da’kor in the east lie the Triplets. These three towns set in a productive stright line form the balance to the defensive triangle of castles Torlak, Sailak and Kalak in the northern Military Border.

They are called Kovic, Saric and Tivic and look out on what is known as the Safe Shallows. This is the area between the coast of Rimic and the underwater Shiku Reefs. The reefs are deadly and only the Aquati and their shiku allies know the secrets of how to naviagte them. Therefore the water of the Safe Shallows truely is safe and in some ways it is a massive horbour in its entirity.

The Triplets are very similar in size and purpose. All of them are based on trading commerce and mutual benefit. Lots of craftsmen live within the Triplets and they mold and craft the raw materials garnered from the fishing waters if the Safe Shallows and the produce of the Shiku Reefs and seel it inland to Venesti and Zenis.

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