Trident Knights


The Trident Knights are far older as an order than any other known elven order of knighthood. They were made during the elven Golden Age when Aqual Sollus was being created and elvendom ruled a peaceful Karandia the Armlet of Strength safe in their possession. Indeed it is to the ideal of martial strength and skill that the Trident Knights aspire. From this origional and asspicious founding, before elves ever used armies they kept the peace, assrested dangerous individuals and solved disputes. They have become the core of the modern armies of Rimic and are by far the most numerous of the three knighthoods.


To join the Trident Knights a young aspirant must travel to one of their training academies. THey have several, the largest are in Venesti and Aquariguard, but any city and many towns and castles have Trident Knight training facilities. They opperate as elite units and the officer corps of the entire army of Rimic.

A vigourous and unforgiving training routine is followed. Discipline, martial prowess and the ability to go without are all highly reguarded. After completing the training program successfully and being marked highly enough in war games and physical and mental training tests a squire is made into a full Trident Knight. Then they must choose to which part of the order they wish to go.


Like most organisations within the Aquati culture the Trident Knights have three parts or ranks.
  • Zenic (Healer)
  • Vanarch Warrior)
  • Solitar (Soul Seeker)

The Zenic chapter become the medics of the army. The develop spiritual powers and develop their natural magical links to be able to tranfer energies and heal with only a touch. The Zenic are probably the closest thing the elves have to a paladin.

The Vanarch is the largest group the warriors it is from this group that the officer corps is mainly chosen. Also the Vanarchs work as excellent elite units deployed in bult. They are used to fighting more heavily armed than normal for most elves.

The Solitar chapter are knights who feels they must seek their calling rather than wait for it to find them. They search out opportunities for adventure, service and testing. During war the Solitars return and take up positions as elite infiltrators and scout/skirmishing units.


Clearly the Trident Knights fight with their namesake weapon the three pronged trident. They are the most symbolic of the knighthoods and so will often have the sign of three or of peace,war and soul on their body and clothing. The three chapters roles are distinctly different but overall the role of the Knighthood is to form and organise the Aquati army.

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Trident Knights

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