The city of Torash


Torash the centre, the city itself, master of the great city state of Torash. This is the jewel for which so many thousands of men have given their lives. To an Aurian child it is a place filled with the dark drama of the feared enemy stronghold and to the young Toran living in a Corven village it seems a distant city of splendour and glory.

The reality is a sharp dissapointment to those so inclined. So much is done to protect Torash and yet the city is dull and lifeless. Filled with more defences than it can man Torash is little more than a squalid breading pit. Due to the uniquely Toran situation of being at constant war their is a great fatalistic sense of disillusionment and disatisfaction. All live for the moment as they have so hope in the future. Morality was first thing to go, honesty went soon after, there is little interest in the common good, except for the idea that Torash must be preserved free. This single idea is the only ‘spark’ if it can even be called that in the collective Toran mind set.

The Council of Swords openly encourage girls to have as many bastard children as they can paying them for each child upon delivery and providing a very small living stipend per child until the child reaches military service age. If children cannot be cared for they can be enlisted in the Child Corps of the army as young as seven. Far too many women live in Torash and far too few men. It is a dirty morally sick hell hole and one which thousands die to protect.

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The city of Torash

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