Thanalaé is a dukedom in the south-west of Errantlund and is known as the home of the Thanalian Knights. The Dukedom prides itself on its noble martial tradition and millitary heritage. Many go and join the Lion Guard of Lionelle from here and almost ever noble son pursues the quest of knighthood. If there is a Lion’s Call to war no Dukedom will send more battle-ready men than Thanalaé. This is not because it is the largest but because it is the most battle ready.

Most the knights in Thanalaé are particularly brave as they have often been trained since birth to ride shoot and fight. They tend to be the largest and strongest men in Errantlund. There is almost no Halfling blood in Thanalaé and this also is evident in the physique of its men.

Honour is highly valued here perhaps more than anywhere else in the world save perhaps among the dwarves.

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