Telholm is the southern most province of Torash. situated a long way from the city of Torash itself and the military might of Redwatch it is an unsettled place and frequently tries little revolts. It is a land of farmers and is covered in rich arable land, perfect for growing grains and farming both cattle and sheep. The Torans raise horses here as well for use in farming and for cavalry use.

Its capital is Telran which is something of a hotbed of discontent. Different Toran governers have tried different means of settling this varying wildly from trying to buy off the population to extremely rigorous loyalty checks with stiff penalties attached under martial law.

The port of Hotal is located in Telholm and it is used as the main inport, export city of Torash, as such it is highly lucrative.

The Staging Forts

In the far south of Telholm are the staging forts all along the border with Rimic. Torash has tried to enslave the Aquati but the strong military border centred on Aquariguard (A fortress to rival Redwatch in might) and Aquati military tradition has always defeated these attempts. The Torans however with the limited sight of the xenophobe are determined that the elves are their enemy and a danger and will form no pact with them. So the staging forts have been made and are the only fortifications in Torash that never get used defensively. They are only ever used to stage raids and invasions into Rimic. This in contrast to how Torash views its other neighbors, Auria of whom it is in constant fear and Elygia who have given far more cause for distrust than the elves. Elygia has invaded Torash and almost toppled it entirely as a country, but no fortifications at all, line the border with Elygia. The Elygians subtly refuse any long standing or military defensive or offensive pacts with the Torans and yet the situation continues.

When Telholm was invaded the invasion was hotly contested and Torash was forced to use Arcen knights in order to reinforce its own units and this had led to a strong dislike between the two nations. This has proved beneficial for Torash as it prevents the two most likely rebels to have a strained relationship at the best of times.

There is a royalty underground that keeps up an ongoing secret resistance to the Toran occupation. This underground has connected with other like minded organisations and become named the Knights of the Sky. The different Knights of the Sky factions display their colours differently exposing that they are not as united as they should be. This probably explains why after over a milenia the knights have never thrown off Toran occupation.

The Knights of the Sky are recognised by a blue flag with a black hawk swooping down with a weapon in its claws. In the Telran version the hawk is carrying an scythe.

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