Tatrak is a port town on the western coastline of the Aurian Empire.

Tatrak is an old town and when it was made it rose to be the greatest port city of the Empire. At least it was when the Empire absorbed/conquered it. However since then Gan Tarak and Cthol Tarak have been founded and Kolaran transformed.

When Gan Tarak and Cthol Tarak were first named they were named after Tatrak. Gan Tatrak however grew to be extereamly powerful as it was chosen to house the Blue Protectoran’s western ship yards and academy. So over taken by Kolaran and now its supposed sister city Tatrak fell further and further behind. No one went there any more. If ships came from the north they went to Kolaran and from the south the went to Gan Tarak. Even from the west they prefered the other two larger and more modern ports.

Tatrak has now fallen into decay but still has quite a large population, that has little top do but turn on itself. Some amazing architechture is to be seen in Tatrak and it has a very extensive library and selection of temples still there from when it carried the title Capital of the West.

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