Swamp of the Free Visks


The lizard-like visks are an enslaved race. Unlike the elves and dwarves they had neither the magic, arms or knowledge to survive the orcs’ or humanity’s rise to power.

Their towns and villages were taken and burned or remade in the image of their conquerors. The visks were enslaved wholesale. Now after centuries of enslavement most visks no longer even remember legends of when they were a free people.

However some visks have broken free and escaped from their masters over the years. At first there was no where for them to go and so they either lived from day to day alone and in constant hiding and fear, or they were recaptured and punished.

In the Year 1200PE seven visks fleeing from slavery in Auria make it over the border and head north along the coast. Pursued they got to the swamp between the lower Serpent river and the Blackened Sea coast. In these swamps they found their human hunters could not find them and were themselves exposed to ambush by the more swamp-natured visks. The leader of this group was called Sev’i (Sev-eye) and he proclaimed after their defeat of their hunters that they were free visks. In the years that followed the swamp became known as the Swamp of the Free Visks. So now visk slaves everywhere who manage to get free flee towards this place. There is now an established civilisation there and the visks have learned swamp-lore and trained themselves to fight once more. At ten years old visks stop being visps and shed their skin and grow new bone becoming adult visks either as workers or warriors. Due to their salve occupation almost all visks were bread workers now among the free visks they breed warriors.

To take the swamp now would require a huge effort, involving an army at the least. But neither Auria, nor Danaspree nor Torash, nor Elygia can do so because it would mean marching an army into Saracan which that country will not allow. Many of the disparate parts of Saracan do not practise slavery in particular the dwarves, the elves, and all of the Helm’s Gate Alliance. So Saracan couldn’t raise an army to do it if it wanted to. Due to this more and more villages are being created hidden within the Swamp and some are growing into towns. Every year more free visps, visk children are born and more slaves escape their bonds. And so the swamp fills with Free Visks.

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Swamp of the Free Visks

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