Splitters are a loosely organised military unit of mountain dwarves. They operate as a unit of berserkers and wield huge two handed axes. It is a matter of pride for Splitters to carry axes as big as possible as it helps them off set a dwarf’s height advantage and is intimidating.

Only berserkers join the Splitters. There is no future promotion once one has openly knowledge that one is subject to battle rage. Still the Splitters are an intimidating force and their impact on any battlefield is immense. Rather than engage units Splitters specialise in running through them. Unlike most dwarvern formations the Splitters do not work in closed ranks with shields and armour. They go lightly armoured in order to move with greater speed and carry no ranged weapons as once they rage they couldn’t use the precision weapons effectively. As such they offer a dwarvern battle commander something quite different from any of his other units. Rather than a determined, slow moving wall, the Splitters are a fast cutting edge. Often they are used as shock troops the smash into and split an enemy formation and carry on to their vulnerable rearm guard and hopefully leadership positions. Then into this gap push a slow solid wedge of dwarvern regulars who then cannot be moved. This has proven startlingly effective, especially as the dwarvern commanders have become more and more aware of just how to use a Splitter unit. Still, there are many examples of when an appropriately disciplined and powerful enemy has weathered the Splitter assault, then surrounded and butchered the units. Some such examples are Grotfang pass against the ogres, the third battle of Heatherfield against the Aurian Empire and ‘Bladenight’ aginst the woodelves.

Still a Splitter charge cannot be reasoned with and is something any sentient and sane enemy commander fears with good reason.

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