Sons of Sollus


After the Reckoning, the great battle which turned back the human armies from slaying what was left of the elven nation. The sea elves named themselves the Aquati fully embracing their heritage as elves of the sea rather than the woods. After Rimic made his pact and uttered his curses the elves went through an irreversible change. Within several years this began to have unforseen consequences. Some elves began to change even more developing into animals. Specifically water and sea animals. The Sons of Sollus were formed to orgaise and bring companionship to those who had these afflictions and turned, what was seen as a curse, at first, into an asset. Those who had the ability to tranform their shape would join one of the three chapters within the knighthood. This is what it had become, rather than a group of caring for those with a sickness, a knighthood able to serve in new and unusual ways.


To become a Son of Sollus you need meerly manifest ‘the gift’. The moment you can change form the Sons will seek you out and urge you to join their ranks. Some have refused but they are very rare. To do so would be to turn their backs on the only other elves who were like them, the only other beings who could fully understand them. Also to refuse any knighthood, once offered, is a direct snub to the king. Once found the recruit is trained one on one by an older more experienced knight. Then when that tutor believes him ready he brings him to a Chapter House and the Chapter vote on it depending on what they see and have noted. Each chapter is different in what it expects before a recruit can be considered a knight.


Like most organisations within the Aquati culture the Sons of Sollus have three chapters, parts or orders.

  • Thentheri (Otter Spirit)
  • Shentheri (Dolphin Spirit)
  • Chaiani (Shark Spirit)

The Thentheri are freedom loving, trackless wanderers. They work as scouts and explorers of both land and sea.

The Shentheri are the fastest and most agile. They are defenders, extreamely loyal and agile of mind as well as body, these are often used as ambasadors as they have a giving and inquisative spirit that leads them to deal well with the other races.

Chaiani are the strongest and most warlike of the Sons. They tend to be angry and distrustful of others, especially aliens not of their race. These defend Rimic with a harsh brutality unequalled by other Aquati. These are the reason Rimic needs no real fleet.

Just as the Trident Knights represent the rigidity of the Aquati and the Knights Glace the prowess of the Aquati, the Sons of Sollus represent their spirit. All of their orders or Chapters are equal and each plays a different role as listed above.

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Sons of Sollus

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