Silver Arcaious

Silver Arcaious was born to Argon and Yula Arcaious (1883PE). Argon, Silver’s father was a travelling trader and took the whole family with him on his travels. This allowed Silver to see many places throughout his childhood, although mostly from the back of a wagon.
The family never travelled alone, they always travelled with other traders. These traders would change as time went by but there was always a group of them. This was to deter enemies, as although they were traders they were all trained in combat and although bandits could easily take down one family, as a unit it would be a much harder task.

The folk in Evenfall don’t really know what happened that left Silver alone and wandering but they know he eventually made his way to the nearest settlement, which was Evenfall. Since then Silver has learnt to survive on his own. He was homeless for many years until he had enough money to rent out the loft of the Inn and still lives there today. He started stealing people’s belongings only to return them in hope of some money so that he could live.

It was while he was out searching places nearby Evenfall when he stumbled across a farm. On entering this farm he found a well-crafted sickle which he happily took for himself. It is the only item that Silver never returned. However, he did leave a silver piece for the owner. This became his symbol. Silver would leave a silver piece for those who help him or that he has had to take something from to survive.

After obtaining his sickle he was wondering the outside of Evenfall and was attacked by a goblin who thought he would be easy food. Silver drew the sickle in an instant and swung it at the goblin, slicing the goblins throat, killing it instantly. Silver took the goblins mace and has used it ever since.

Silver has been known to go hunting wild animals, deer, rabbits and the like to bring back to people for food, however he has never ventured into thicker territory. The wild animals have paid for Silver’s accommodation and to have Silvers’’mace fortified to make it a more effective weapon.

Due to Silver’s silver hair he found that although he did help out people he never really fit in and due to Gemma also not fitting in they became close friends. He treats her much like a sister. Silver has had romance in his life, different girls have been a part of his life since he found himself in Evenfall, however he has never had an openly serious relationship.

Silver is now 23 (1906 PE) and would like to find more in life but is very cautious as the last time he had family they were taken away from him. He is very protective of Gemma. Silver is known to be very protective of anyone to whom he becomes close. This takes some time as he is slow to trust new people but he is considered fair and is generally accepted as a member of the community.

Silver has never explained any details of his past but it seems clear that at least one of his parents was not from Saracan and some towns folk know he travelled with traders in his youth but this is about all.

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Silver Arcaious

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