The Shrouded are a large group of wood elf druids who consider themselves seperate from the ruling Druidlore. They are also called the battle druids and are very warlike and combat orientated. They are the direct commanders of the Shadeborn elite and tend to cause fear wherever they go.

Dark and mysterious their true organisation and that of the Shadeborn who serve them is a mystery. They seek to keep it that way rarely allowing anyone, even other elves or Vaseal to see one of them command another. They are contemptuous of the regular channels of authority, though they will communicate and assist the Karritkol through the Vaseal. They want the same things as the rest and the Druidlore: peace for the elves, the humans to back off, the restoration of ancient glories and the preservation and thriving of their race.

However despite this they broke with the other elves and specifically their leaders the Druidlore centuries ago. Why is a secret now, lost in time to most and to those who know, some of the oldest druids and the Shrouded themselves it is the ultimate secret never spoken of outside of Deadwood.

The Shrouded tend to blacks and very dark green and browns int their appearence much as do the Shadeborn. Oddly the tend to not be surrounded by animals, choosing instead ent companions. Indeed many say animals fear them rather than being drawn to them, and Deadwood is the only part of Karritan not teaming with animal life.

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