Shiku Reefs

These reefs are underwater and therefore invisible to the naked eye in a crow’s nest. They cover over half of Rimic’s western coastline and while considered very beautiful by those who have beheld them they are also very dangerous. The rock of these reefs leaves the water trecherously shallow and can rip through the hull of a ship without trouble.

The reefs are occupied by the shiku, a race of fish creatures. The Aquatikol defeated the shiku during their Golden Age. Later when the Sons of Sollus were founded and the Aquati learnt how to once more travel the sea as natives they met the shiku once more. There was a breif engagement but thanks to a small group of heroes war was averted and a shaky alliance was formed.

This alliance left the reefs under shiku juristiction but the shiku agreed to bar all who did not have the Aquati’s permission from passing through them. The only gap in the reefs, and thus the only oportunity for a ship with any real draft to enter, is Dark Gorge Pass.

This pass is like a huge sunken valley within the reefs and full sized war ships could travel along it. The shiku however have heavily fortified this gorge with underwater defesive buildings and places of strength. More than that Trident Knight forts and the gorges high black reef sides are excellent fortified points from which underwater seige weapons can be used. The Chaiani, Sons of Sollus, headquarter their units here. With the knights of the shark spirit present and numerous other Aquati warriors to bolster the shiku’s considerable forces any assualt by a none water breathing force would be utterly hopeless.

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Shiku Reefs

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