Seven Fall Campaign

These are notes, maps and cast lists for the Sevenfall campaign and should not be considered CANON writings though they may inform such at the discretion of the author.



Historical Characters

The Council

Others in town

  • Gemma acolyte of Light.
  • Boban apprentice craftsman.
  • Boulder Shoulder – dwarvern smith
  • Grubb – a ruffian (half-dwarf).
  • Nugget a ruffian (dwarf).
  • Maddy dwarvern cook and wife to Gerold mother to Katie.
  • Katie serving girl at the Whistle daughter to Gerold and Maddy.
  • Dazric – The storyteller, an old man. Now rich as the finder of the Everdelve mine
  • Dancer- Also called Wibbel a dashing visitor in brightly coloured garb.
  • Serena Thornwood – A visitor to town.
  • Richard Karak – metalworker.
  • Winnermann Respresentative of the Stovebarrow Consortium and its concerns.



The Midfield

  • Dawn – The hunter of the dead.
  • Taval – Halfling scout/youth

Harvest Hold


  • Brightest a being that claims to be a star.
  • Glyph Brother – a strange creature recovering from an assassination attempt in the temple.
  • Ratfink – a ranat servant of the Brightest.
  • Rotgroth – a half-ogre ally of the Glyph Brother currently MIA.
  • Twilight – a mysterious elf.

The Factions

The Wilderness


  • Luminary Seth – head of the Shrine of Light in Evenfall… now dead.


Items of Interest


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Seven Fall Campaign

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