The Senate is the ruling body of the Empire under the Emperor. while the Emperor can attend directly he usually has his 1st Senator speak for him. 1st Senator is chosen by the Emperor directly and is privy to his personal council. The 2nd Senator is typically appointed by the Senate and represents a senator with a lot of voting power. All Senators are noblemen and are elected by nobles with the ‘elector right’ from their various districts. Elections are neither regular nor well regulated and so there is a lot of dishonesty and despotism involved.

The Senates two functions are to create and oversee the evolution of law and to operate as the head of the Imperial bureaucracy.

The place the Senate sits is the Dome of Debate. One must be either present at the Dome, or have given a written and witnessed document assigning your vote to another, in order to vote in a session on a law. The Senate is typically split by different factions of support usually surrounding a certain set of ideas or individual senator or more than likely both. These groups are usually identified as voting blocs.

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