Seaguard Keep


Seaguard was founded by emigrating people from Seaguard in Danaspree. Ashamed of what the once proud port of the Aquati had become they left to seek better fortune, even rebirth, in free Errantlund. So Seaguard Keep was founded later becoming the centre of the Toral Dukedom. Even since the creation and renovation of Toral Castle, Seaguard still operates as the finacial and political centre of the Toral Dukedom.

Here are some of the best sailors of Errantlund, with a high percentage of halflings and mixed race half and halfs. The majority of Errantlund navy come from Seaguard and its Dukedom and they jokingly call themselves the Sealions. This beast of the sea is considered to be good luck and to some sailors nothing less than a sign from the god of the sea.

It is a clean and prosperous port town. Built to a very organised and careful plan with a diligent customs and leadership Seaguard Keep is a clashing mirror to its namesake in Danaspree.

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Seaguard Keep

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