On the opposite horn of the Danaspree Cauldron, Seaguard was built by the Aquatikol, the fabled sea elves. Their buildings still stand, a testament to their skill and ingenuity.

However, with the Aquati’s retreat to Rimic the proud tradition of the sea elves has been lost, Seaguard has fallen into human hands, and is now a prosperous trading city. However, its elven heritage is mostly forgotten, and the halls of elven princes now accommodate offices and warehouses.

The elves used it as a military port and now the humans do the same making Seaguard the home of Spree‘s, rather than Dana’s navy. It still benefits from the Aquati defences and holds a ‘organised’ navy. It is badly run and corrupt but it has ranks uniforms and the official name of Danaspree to recomend it.

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