Runia is the name of the magic generated by the application of runes to materials and objects.


Runes are very similar to Arcania but actually access Talia and Divinia also. They are the method developed by knowledge to allow magic to be forged or crafted into physical items and be retained there.

The development of rune magic was dominated by the dwarves for centuries but eventually they shared it with their great allies the elves and then their apprentices the humans.

Runes are dependent entirely on the skill of craftsman and his ability to access the materials and magical sources necessary to craft them correctly to create the desired effects.

Some runes are so powerful they are unique defying duplication, some of these runes have created objects of intelligence that think for themselves and for lack of a more suitable word ‘live’.

Some runes are extremely common. Runes for sharpness for example can be found on almost all high grade weaponry. It is simply considered the next step up in luxury item and in many ways not considered magical at all. So kind of like this as a progression – broken sword – blunt sword – crude sword – well made sword – high quality So it has a rune -master piece better or more runes.

The runes are used to bind into the object Divine magic, Arcane magic, Talia magic etc.

Runia is a studied art accessible by all people who are willing to learn its secrets but it takes a lot of dedication and determination to learn a lot or the more complex and powerful runes. Dwarves are the acknowledged masters among the main races of Tal though the Vhentra have the edge even on they.

Once the runes have been applied to the object they simply work. So most ‘magical items’ can be used by anyone, though some require command words. There are some such items that are different such as wands but that is because the runes on the wands only act as storage and not the ability to create or cast the magic.

So in short Runecraft source is the other magics but it allows that magic to be harnessed and held in objects.


Runes are as varied as magic their are only a few distinguishing points that should be made.

  • Runes are symbols used to store, direct or enhance other kinds of magic.
    *- Runes can be drawn on living matter and the Vhentra in particular are defined by this. it usually doesn’t work well as living matter moves too much and decays but in the case of the Vhentra the runes grow in and are not drawn on and so are therefore fully effective.
  • Masterrunes – Some runes are unique as they are too powerful to be duplicated. These runes bind magic that is incredibly powerful into an item and can result in items gaining their own intelligence among other things.

Runes have been around for millennia now and many people who are not capable of crafting runes can read them and assess their power even without the aid of magic.

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