Rimic is the country that occupies the thin, Moonreach peninsula, in the south eastern corner of the continent of Karandia. It has several important physical features. Important in understanding Rimic is to understand that it was moved to and settled by the Aquatikol as a defensive manoeuvre.


  • The northern most cross section of Rimic is called the Military Border and is dominated by one of the great fortresses Aquariguard.
  • The middle section, centred on Zenis is the Waterweb also called the Waterway and the Webway.
  • Below the Webway on the eastern coast are the Kalasti Mountains and running from them the north south running river the Vispuli. Along this river is Lake Da’kor.
  • East of the Webway on the northern coast of the eastern peninsula are the Triplets
  • The great capital of Venesti is in the east
  • Then on the southernmost tip Moon’s Reach.
  • Beneath the waves are two important locations the Shiku Reefs around the eastern peninsula and Aqual Sollus to the south.

Natural Geography

The river of the Moon runs north to south.
Along that river is lake Da’kor a large glacial lake covered in ice.

Key Organisations

There are various important organisations within Rimic.

Important Characters


Aquati elves are the only inhabitants of landward Rimic. They tolerate visitors, but only in very limited numbers. They allow no other race to live in their fortress peninsula on a permanent basis. Shiku live in the eastern reefs and are allies in some ways with the Aquati. Elves and dwarves are usually welcomed if they choose to visit.

There are very few elven children visible around Rimic. The Aquatikol population is small, but concentrated.


According to legend when Rimic returned from the final battle, the Reckoning, he fell onto his knees and cursed the gods. He cursed Senara, the goddess of life, for giving him birth and Necara, the goddess of death for taking his friends. Then he cursed all the gods save one, Sollus. The god of seas, water, mighty oceans and lonely streams. To him he cried out in his loneliness and pain and it is said he was heard. It is written ‘Sollus reached out his hand and quieted his heart’. Sollus is then supposed to have shown him how to breath underwater.

Since then the Aquati have worshiped three deities in keeping with their rule of three but the Moon Seer their chief religious icon is the representative of Sollus and it is he that is their Patron. Sollus is now seen as an aspect of Nature, Senara as an aspect of Light and Necara as an aspect of Death.

The other two are Zena goddess of peace as an aspect of Light and Varic, god of war as an aspect of Death. Zenis is to represent one and Venesti the other. Moon’s Reach and the hidden city of Aqual-Sollus below representing Sollus. In the Avatar era the these are understood to represent facets of the Avatars of Light, Death and Nature.

Culture and Language

The Aquati believe strongly in the rule of three. This balances everything in their lives. The three walls of Aquariguard. The three forts that flank her. The three rulers, The War Marshal, the King and the Moon Seer. The Triplets and the three orders of knighthood, each with three divisions within it. Zenis-trade, Venesti – war and Moon’s Reach – faith are another physical demonstration of this rule.

Two way lives land/sea and three way principles: life and peace, war and death and finally faith and the soul.

Language wise they speak Kol-tal or elven, some even speak Vae-tal the language of life. Common is spoken but only as a secondary language and it is not spoken by many in the population.


The Aquati like all elves do not desire bloodshed. Yet as many of their kin across the land they have been pushed as close to extinction as they will allow. Therefore, they have become a militarised nation. Not in their entirety, but enough so as to make any attempt to destroy them so costly as to render it unactionable.

Due to the Military Border, Rimic has standing martial forces at all times. However the majority of these are made up of the three knighthoods. If Rimic goes to war in earnest they organise like this:

Tidal Force led by the Warmarshal (ie the King). Could number (With the unknown strength of Aqual-Sollus) over 100-000.

Core will be the Knights. Trident Knights will be split into regular units as officers and form elite units. Army is split into Trimates, these are led by Battlemarshals. Usually Battle Marshals are Knights Glace.

Battle Marshal – Trimate (Maybe 45-50,000)
Generals (3-5 per Trimate) command about 10,000 elves each.
Generals have an assortment of Captains under them. Each Captain has a mark insignia indicating the size of unit he is ranked to command.
Captain, Ocean-Mark – Not used until Dolf’s army.
Captain, Sea-Mark – 5,000
Captain, Lake-Mark – 1,000
Captain, River-Mark – 100
Worthy Blade – Used flexibly by Captains.
Tai-Mark – Head of 10 elves.

A Tai-Mark leads a Mark.
A River-Mark unit size is the basic fundamental unit of the army. But each Mark led by its Tai allows greater flexibility. Also sometimes Solitars form commando groups with maybe 2 Theneri Sons of Sollus and a Zenic healer. These Marks are extremely dangerous and are called Fa’lon, meaning Forlorn Hope.

There is usually at least one Lake-Mark of just Vanarch Trident Knights. It is often the core around which the other Lake-Marks form.

Sons of Sollus form their own units
Swifts- 3-9 knights
Blood Packs – 10-30 (Prefered by the Chaiani)
Sollus-Mark – 30+ Not even under Dolf did these become larger than 1,000 and they were usually no larger than 100 knights. Many Shentheri and Theneri prefer to work solo or in twos.

Under The Avenger this army, then named ‘The Judgement’, grew far beyond what had ever marched before and numbers well beyond these were called into battle. Also the elite Sons of Sollus bodyguard, The Hand of Vengeance, was formed. It grew to about 87 elite knights dedicated to preserving Dolf, under the leadership of Erion Dal.


Time on Karandia and for simplicity on Tal is determined by the exisistence of the dominant human Empire or Auria. So years from before the Empire are annotated BE those after it or Post Empire are annotated PE. (eg ‘Jomark came to power in 10BE’ means Jomark gained his power 10 years before the founding of the Empire).

7000-3300BE The elven Golden Age. Aqual-Sollus is built in 4500BE during this period. (The Elves hold the Armlet of Strength).

4550BE- Zenis founded.

4444BE- The order of the Trident Knights set up.

3300BE- Orcs gain the Armlet of Strength and become a new major power forming an Empire in northwestern Karandia. Elves lost some of their most powerful magic users making the use of Aqual-Sollus and other underwater cities impossible.

1400BE- To assist the young race of men elves share with them the secrets of magic allowing them to survive in an orc dominated world.

1000-100BE- Humans out populated elves and dwarves and turn on their former tutors driving them to the forests, underground and to the sea. These events become known as the Wars of Betrayal by the elves and dwarves.

700BE- After many years of gathering almost half of the surviving elven population, led by Rimic, are at the modern day Military Border of Rimic. Bringing this concentrated force to bear the elves win a crucial battle decimating the pursuing human armies. The Aquatikol call this battle The ‘Reckoning’.

Soon after the Reckoning and according to legend through packs with elven deities, Rimic is held to be responsible for the Aquati learning to breath underwater. Shape changing abilities began to manifest in some elves soon after.

600BE- The Sons of Sollus are founded.

700BE-100PE- Development: Military Border built, last Aquati outside Rimic the elves of Seaguard retreat to Rimic and the Triplets are founded.

100PE- Aquariguard the greatest elven fortress ever contructed is completed and symbolises the completion of the Military Border.

100-1000PE the Waterweb is built up and Zenis grows to match being a centre of commerce and trade.

500PE- The Moon Seer hears of the Great Druid’s Prophecy about ‘The Avenger’ and goes to commune with Sollus about it. He is never heard from, nor seen, again.
Venesti is founded as the landward capital of Rimic.

800PE- The River of Knives completed and the Twin bridges also. Along with the Laqual House officially occupying their new royal quarters. Venesti is complete.

1050PE- Torash builds the staging forts in preperation for expansion into Rimic.

1240-41PE The Military Border is breached as a human Toran army invades. The Warmarshal and King Kalasti throws them back. It was duing this time he approached the dragon Matriarch.

1255PE- The Knights Glacé are officially founded by Kalasti at Lake Da’kor.

1520-22PE- First Dragon Army Invasion. The Aquati sink most of the Dragon Army fleet butas they act alone their part in the war is never heard of, rewarded or appreciated.

1898-1900PE Second Dragon Army Invasion the Aquati do not get involved, though the current Moon Seer sees and prophecies, that the war will lead to the birth of the ‘Avenger’.

1924PE- The Avenger rises in Rimic.

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