Built during the War of Thorns, Redwatch was the key to the Toran answer to Aurian expansionism.

The border forts and later the inner forts, the recruitment system and even the governing of the Council of Swords was all to prevent Torash from becoming consumed by Auria as all the other city states had been. Redwatch was the final and most visible piece of that puzzle.

Built on a natural hill Redwatch rises impressivly over the Toran plain. Its huge outer wall is possibly the longest wall not surrounding a city. It is high thick and riddled with archer slits and trap points. At the very top the wall is wide enough for three men to stand comfortably in a line a breast.

It has only one main gate. A large and impressive piece of architecture it is made of stone and uses dwarvern counter-balancing designs to open and close. Also apart from opewning outwards it also bolts directly from within the gate into both the sides, as well as the top and bottom of the gate arch. Ringing the stone gate is an archway edged in Dwarvern Steel and protected by runes making it hard to weaken even with magic.

Within the main wall are five further security walls. These are all far more common place than the great wall. Each is strong, tall and well made and they get taller the further in you go allowing those on the final wall to fire arrows over those in the wall in front.

The outer walls encompass the trading areas of Redwatch and most of the barraks areas. the first inner walls include the majority of the store houses and stables and the like. Finally the last two walls encompass the vital commodities, the central armoury, the access to the ‘egress tunnels’, wells and the keep. The Keep is the home of the Council of Swords, so it is from here that they rule Torash and oversee its armies and its defences. It is a tall and remarkable inner castle to the rest of Redwatch and contains the final defences of the fortress. Importantly access to the underground stores and egress way are here but also the ’Dragon’s might’ is present. This object, or objects, is caimed to be able to bring Redwatch down with everyone left in it in a combination of dragon-like breathweapons and physical explosions. The idea being that to take Redwatch keep you would have to slowly and releentlessly occupy all the previous walls and sections of the city costing thousands of lives then as the final defenders escaped this would be activated and the entire fortress would be destroyed preventing the usurpers from using it and destroying however many (hundreds or thousands) of the attacking force as were in the fortress at the time. Needless to say Redwatch has not actually ever fallen to date.

During the War of Thorns Redwatch endured a six year seige and so many men died defending her she became renamed Bloodwatch by her defenders.

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