Ravenfast is a wizard who lives in a tower in the town of Dana on the island of Dana. He is reputed to be the most powerful human wizard on the planet and possibly one of the most powerful arcane masters of any race. He wears an amulet and wields immense power. Though he seems old he has seemed so for many many years. This has led some to believe that he is not after all human others say that with his arcane power is it any surprise he has discovered how to extend his life.

Every few years Ravenfast takes on apprentices and when they leave each of these apprentices is given a small ebony pin of a raven. Some of these apprentices have gone on to do great things including becoming arch-magi of the Sapphire Wizards’ Guild and serving as Royal Wizards in the Green Circle.

Ravenfast’s past and the secrets of who his master was and how he became so powerful are not known but there is much conjecture. Some claim he was tutored by Knowledge himself, others that he went to all the major centres of arcane learning including the elves and went through each one as an apprentice, finally there are some who claim that Ravenfast owes all his immense might to artifact of power rather than to any innate ability. On one thing they all agree … he is very powerful and the biggest single reason Danaspree continues to exist as an independent country at all.

Assumed PR= 7 or 8

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