A group of Imperial wizards led by the fallen elf, Zarin, devised the Mollum programme. They used magic to modify ogres at the most basic level. These new creations called Mollum Ogres were smarter and more easily controlled ogres. They began to employ them as bodyguards and sometimes as unsuspecting spies.

However towards the end of that time a certain Mollum Ogre male managed to successfully mate and bred true. This resulted in a naturally born ogre with different mental capabilities from those in the past. Gone however were the restraints, imposed magically, on the savagery and rebelliousness of ogres. This breed were later named Ratteroges and they still exist today despite the destruction of all known Mollum Ogres. The Ratteroges whilst smarter than regular members of their breed are not the equals of Mollum Ogres, who stood in ranks, developed their own language and were capable of the subtleties of magic and spying.

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