Ran Clarke

Ran Clarke is the head of the Protectoran and is one of the five Marix of the Empire. He is called the Marshal of the Empire.


Ran Clarke is a young and handsome military man. Tall, well built and with an impressive noble bearing and physique. He typically wears an adorned Red Protectoran uniform including the Imperial Star. When in battle he wears The Marshal’s Armour, made of dwarvern steel and blessed by cleric of Celer (Knowledge) and Barik (Justice).

Ran Clarke is known as one of the most formidable single combat experts in the Empire. He is an amazing sword and shield style fighter and is considered the clear choice of a champion for the Empire. Charismatic and clever Ran Clarke is one of the most popular and respected leaders in the Empire. He is very young for a position of such high importance and prestige but most think he has earned it.

Suggested stats

Att 19 9 5 2 =+34/29/24/19
HP 340
FORT 21 REF 15 WILL 12
STR 28+9 DEX 18+4 CON 20+5
INT 16+3 WIZ 13+1 CHA 19+4

Known Gear
The Marshal’s Armour
Deflecting Shield of the Marshal
Blood of Torash
Dagger of Last Resort

Assumed PR= 4

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Ran Clarke

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