A forest in western Karandia. Quintox used to be part of the great forest of Karritan, but over the centuries the human civilisation has cut the woods back leabving them seperated by vast leagues of plains land. More than half of Quintox, the entire southern portion, is under the juristication of the Aurian Empire. This occupation is disputed by the elves of Quinkorin and is called Oakland.

Quintoxian is a word used to describe an elf from the forest and more particularly the settlement of Quintox itself.

Quintox was also the name of a village in the centre of the forest. An the Elder of the village was the presiding elven authority within the forest. This authority was still considered under that of the Druidlore. But the Elder was, to all intents and purposes, autonomous. The power of the Elders of Quintox has been gathered over the years into their collective tomb and this place is unlocked using magical pipes. The music to which is taught and understood only by the rightful heir. The Elder of Quintox can tap directly into the natural magic of the ancient forest itself.

Zentex was an Elder of Quintox but the position had waned in influence and power. The El Hiré ignored him and the Quinkorin openly defied him. He was killed in a time known as the Darkness of Magic. His young pupil and successor Leonadar Halkithantarius would go on to avenge his death and rise to claim his daughter as his wife and the title of Elder as his heritage. He would be the most famous and influential of all the Elders.

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