The Protectorans are the five major military branches of the mighty Aurian Empire. They are known by their colours:

Each covers its own area of the Empire and has its own leader. At full strength, though none of them have yet achieved this, each would consist of 200 legions of 1000 men each.

Highly trained their academy is based in Tor Kalash the military headquarters of the Empire. However each Protectoran has its own specialised academies in cities within its own juristiction. Typically a recruit will have a year in Tor Kalash and then be assigned to a Protectoran.

Ranks and Units

The generic break down of units with each officer rank is as follows.

  • Hilt or Haft, Head of a Mark, which consists of 10 men
  • Captain, Head of a Cohort, which consists of 10 Marks (100 men)
  • Commander, Head of a Battalion, which consists of 5 Cohorts (500 men)
  • Blademark, Head of a Legion, which consists of 2 Cohorts (1000 men) BASE UNIT
  • General, Head of a group of Legions, which consists of 2-50 legions
  • Lexion, Head of a group of Legions, Over 50+ legions. (4-5 in a Protectoran)
  • Marix, Head of an entire Protectoran

These rank titles vary in the different Protectorans. Protectoran Rank Chart.

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