Just north of the Aurian border on the west coast looking out onto the Blackened Sea is Northport. Run by halflings and humans this prosperous port town is one of the key gains Auria sees in invading Saracan. It is a huge bustling port city and benefits hugely from not paying the heavy import/export duties of the Imperial ports in the south. Northport is making money hand over fist almost on a par with Kolaran and the Empire sees it as a natural progression to add Northport ready made to its already impressive list of large west facing ports.

The large halfling population are the key secret to Northport’s success. A naturally sea going folk, the halfings own and man most of Northport’s merchant shipping line. Driven by good buisness sense, and aided by the freedom and protection Saracan affords them, the halflings are making a killing – at Auria’s expense.

The Mayor of Northport is a halfling and is probably the most influential of his race on Karandia. Northport is also the home of the Purple Runners, a small fleet of pirate hunters who double as Saracan’s navy. Northport’s colours are purple and when its forces march or sail under the seven coloured banner that is the colour they wear.

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