Moon's Reach


One of the three key cities of Rimic, Moon’s Reach is the spiritual centre of the Aquatikol nation.

The southernmost city of Rimic here the third of Rimic’s three leaders lives. The Moon Seer the spiritual leader of the Aquati is first in Moon’s Reach. Within the city’s walls even the King must accede to his wishes. Sometimes called the Moon Catcher he is seen as both a source of wisdom and prophecy. Someone to be listened to for everyday advice and utterly respected in his pronouncements concerning the fate of his people and the future of Karandia. he is in many ways the very centre of the city and everything it stands for.

Moon’s Reach is a very religious city and though it is full of trade, being the one coastal town on Rimic open to other nations’ trading ships, it always seems to exude a strange quiet calm around itself.

It is also one of the few places from which Aqual-Solus may be entered.
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Moon's Reach

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