Merchant Shipping Guild

This guild is almost as old as Spree itself. Founded in that coastal trading town the guild quickly became the biggest influence and bagan to finacially crush all opposition. In fact they all but invented the idea of import and export taxes and used these to force independents into joining the guild. Very quickly they grew beyond Spree. First they went to the islands, like Dana, and then spread rapidly to Saracan, Auria and Torash.

Representatives at trading posts around the continent and eventually the globe made the Shipping Guild the world power it is today and probably the richest non-governmental organisation afloat. In Spree the Guild spawned the Spreean, Port Authority to rule over the city as a government leaving the guild itself supposedly without country. Needless to say the Port Authority is little more than a puppet of the Guild but it suits the Guild to work without the day to day annoyances of laws and city running. If it were needed the Merchant Shipping Guild could have the Port Authority do anything it wished, enough said.

In Spree the Guild eventually discovered it would have to share power with the Hidden Blade thieves guild. They had simply gained too much power and control themselves and could all but blockade trade from Spree. So a power sharing now exisists between the Port Authority and the Hidden Blade.

In the wide world however only the Aurian trading fleet has anywhere near the conacts and reach of the Merchant Shipping Guild. It can be argued that as most of the Aurian trading fleet have membership in the guild the two cannot be legitimatly compared.

The guild sails everywhere and trades everything. It has no ethics, no religion and needs favour no one. Since the creation of the Port Authority it barely has a need to even acknowledge Danaspree as particularly important to it anymore. This is certain the Guild will outlive many of the countries in which it now opperates, as it has become a world-wide phanomenon and an incredibly rich one at that. So who rules it and where is the money?

Well as the guild is world wide it has City Guild Masters in all crucial cities. Each of these keeps his own tallies and pays his own guild dues. So in these Guild Halls some of the money and loot is horded personally. Yet the Guild dues themselves are invariably invested. At any given time over 80% of all the guild owns is invested in ships, cargo and national buisnesses other than the guild itself which it called ‘allied interests’. Therefore while it is certainly possible and indeed common for the guild to lose money and cargo to theft it is all but impossible to do the guild ‘real’ harm this way. It is simply spread too large and is too rich.

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Merchant Shipping Guild

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