The droplet shaped isle is near the centre of the southern Danaspree Cauldron. It is ruled by two noble families, the Seekans and the Tokay. In the southern, wider, section of the isle the two halves are split by the Wiker Range of mountains (or very tall hills depending on who you ask). Under the Wiker Range the River Skiven floats gently down to sea. Above the range there is no natural border line. So, the central trade holding of Tomal, the only town not outright controlled by either family, is considered the border. From Tomal the line runs north until just before the tip of the isle when it cuts west to the Seekan side. This leaves Jenata under Tokay control and is the result of a minor civil war between the families two decades past.

The north west is the location of the central Seekan estates and the south east the location of the Tokay family seat. All the towns, villages and states on the island are connected by a series of modern roads and both families maintain active and modern shipping fleets.

Both families are very prosperous and only are held back by the other, though both jealously guard secrets.


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