This is the capital of Errantlund and home of the Maned King also called the Lion. The king’s symbol is a silver lion on a green field. It is the location of the Royal Palace a place of splendor equalled by no human building outside of the Empire in its magnificence, age and opulence.

Here is the Dukal Hall where the Duke’s of Errantlund gather for councils of war or a formal Council of Succession. The Royal Magician has quarters in Lionelle as well as those in the Circle’s Tower. The Duke of Lionelle is the closest direct male heir of the current King and in cases of urgent need he is the direct heir apparent though this is no longer a foregone conclusion due to the ??? family holding the throne so long (See history in Errantlund ).

The Lion Guard are the personal guards of the Royal Family and are the only military allowed in the palace grounds. When Dukes visit they must leave their armies at home or quartered without the inner city’s walls.

Lionelle as mentioned before is a very old city dating back to long before Errantlund was formed as a nation. Indeed a human settlement with a very similar name and in a similar geographical location seems to be mentioned in an elven text dated before 940BE.

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