Linden Grove


Located within a sacred grove of linden trees, the Everwell is the true centre of elvendom on Karandia. It is the spiritual centre of Karritan and it is here where the Great Druid lives and now sleeps. It is the ‘base camp’ of all elven druids. It is here that the Druidlore the ruling body of Karritan meets and holds its power. The power of nature around this great tree permeates everything in its grove including its perfectly still, perfect silver pool.

Many ents live here. More than anywhere else in Karandia and more of them are awake than anywhere else as well. This is because of the constant flow of natural power here and the constant tending of the druids.

Currently the leader of the Druidlore, the Great Druid sleeps like the ents he communes with. He is far older than any other living elf and indeed has surpassed some of the youngest ents in age. His resting place and the linden trees especially are considered sacred but the Everwell itself, first true pool of the world is considered more than sacred. It is in all but name treated by the elves as a demi-god, king and mother rolled into one. Look at it wrong and you will probably be already dead.

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Linden Grove

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