Lesser Gods

These are the gods that were created by the Avatars in the ancient ages before mortals learned to record time. Origionally each Avatar created one god each to assist them in their work.

The Avatar of Light created Mishaela goddess of love.
The Avatar of Darkness created Darius god of corruption.
The Avatar of Knowledge created Talon the smith god of crafts who forged Tal itself.
The Avatar of Wild created Quintox god of the forests.
The Avatar of Death created Barak god of war.
The Avatar of Justice created Troy god of stability, law and defence.

These were called the golden age gods. But they in turn created others and they in turn more. Some are so small and minor that they are almost mortal these are called demi-gods. Some examples of these would be the first catlord Cosmos, The Lord of Vampires Leshrak Thaneraith, The Mountain King of the Barkarin Mountains. The Matriarch of the dragonites, The true spirit of Woodguard and high level planar being such as arch angels and demon princes.

This is the list of the lesser gods. Some have elven, dwarvern or halfling variants.

Under Knowledge (Neutral, usually lawful)

Under Light (Good)

  • Mishaela goddess of love and purity.
  • Senara giver of life.
  • Celest the holy peace.
  • Abel the healer.
  • Amia goddess of charity, forgiveness, pity and mercy

Under Darkness (Evil)

  • Darius god of trechery, corruption and vice.
  • Vesper Lady of the night, mists and illusion.
  • Tyrone god of liarsa and thieves.
  • Vanelle goddess of seduction and poison.
  • Cyrax son of Vax god of pain and torture.
  • Syron and Serrim the twin moons of Tal.

Under Wild (Chaotic Neutral)

  • Quintox King of the forests.
  • Archan god of the sun and water. The horsemaster.
  • Sarish storm bringer, harbinger of disaster, allied to element earth.
  • Kariyan the animal tamer.
  • La’geon god of oceans and the sea. Element water.
  • Denin god of the land and harvests. Patron of farmers.
  • Soaril god of freedom and all birds, the windlord. Element air.

Under Death (Lawful evil)

  • Barak God of war. The slayer. (His more honourable aspect is Vardan the guard)
  • Necara Goddess of death.
  • Thell god of famine and pestilence.
  • Vax Vengeance anger and hatred. Allied to element fire.
  • Xeth Tyranny

Under Justice (Lawful good)

  • Troy The sheild, god of stability, law and defence.
  • Vardan the warrior see Barak.
  • Pelinor god of perfection, cleanliness, exactness called The Oath Keeper.
  • Panion god of honour, loyalty and courage.
  • Asmara goddess of faith.

Chaos has no gods under him or created by him.
He represents true chaos not just in opposition to law but as in opposition to any structure or balance whatsoever.

All gods access magic and as such there is no designated god of magic. Knowledge understands the flow of magical power the best however.

The gods live on the planes but these lesser gods live in their places of power within the six planes of the Avatars themeselves. Demi gods live in the material plane only.

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Lesser Gods

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