There are a lot of languages spoken on Tal below is a list of them and their typical speakers.

  • Abyssal – the Language of the Abyss.
  • Celestial – The language of the Haven.
  • Common – aka the travel tongue and the trade language. It was the language of Auria but most humans learn this these days as their primary language. Though it has some strong dialects some of which are practically different languages in Alkan and Elygia for example.
  • Dwarven – The language of the dwarves is spoken by all three types and has changed very little. The dialects do not really change in vocabulary but their is a difference of accent and some Pit Dwarves prefer to speak as little as possible. It is also the common tongue of those who live underground.
  • Ele-tal – The language of the elements and elementals. This language has no words in the sense that common has words but it is audible. Typically only elementals speak this language though it can be learned. However even if one learns to understand it, it may be impossible for ones body to create the necessary noises to speak it.
  • Elven – aka Kol-tal or the language of the people. This is spoken by all elves though the cavenkol have a very different dialect to the karritkol and the aquatikol.
  • Half-talk – this is a variant on the common tongue spoken by halflings. It is a very brief language and is spoken in a strange order for a non-native speaker. The sentence always starts with the most important word in the sentence and the rest of the words are built around that central theme. They tend to omit articles and even prepositions like a, to or the. Sometimes this leads people to mistake the speakers for simpletons.
  • Orc – The orc language was at one point the most common one on Karandia and it is, surprisingly, still represented in the language Common. Most orcs can understand the essential elements of common even if they have never learned it and vice-versa. Orc is more guttural and includes far more body language than Common. it is only spoken perfectly by the orcs of Heartcleaver Keep.
  • Ranat – the language of the Ranat people.
  • Svek – The language of the Visks. This is almost a lost language as since their universal enslavement the Visks have been forced to speak only Common.
  • Vae-tal – The language of life. If Tal spoke this is what it would speak in. It is a multi-sensory language and is spoken by the fey, ents, dryads and ancient beasts natively. Others can learn Vae-tal but due to its touch, smell and taste elements some races find it impossible to follow well. All living things speak an element of Vae-tal whether they know they do or not. It is through Vae-tal that animals communicate and someone fluent in Vae-tal can talk to them as easily as an Ent or a human.

Secret Languages

There are of course secret languages on Tal mainly created by organisations in order to have a code that only they can understand. A couple of these are listed here as examples to assist the reader to understand what is meant. They should in no way be considered a comprehensive list.

  • Druidic
  • Thieves’ Cant

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