Kolaran is a port city on the western coast of the Aurian Empire.

Kolaran is probably the largest port city in the world. Full of trade day in and day out. It has a lighthouse and runs trade ships into its safe waters even during the hours of darkness.

Korlaran is an easy going town and while there is a dedicated imperial customs run by the Blue Protectoran, it is full of black marketeers and smugglers. Pirates under the guise of free traders are often to be found in Kolaran and plague the trade routes. However while the Blue might make only half hearted efforts to stay on top of the thriving trade in back market goods they are ruthless in their sea borne defense of imperial tradelanes. Known pirate ships are attacked on sight and no quarter is given. If captured pirates are automatically condemed to slavery for their crimes and their selling price goes into the coffers of the Blue to help them against their fellows. Still the pirates are willing to risk much for the bounty is great.

Key people

Magerion – A local mage.

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