These are the wood elves: The Quinkol, Quinkorin and the Karritkol. These elves retreated to the woodlands of Karandia in response to the Wars of Betrayal with the humans.

There main holdings are in Karritan and all wood elves take their leadership and direction from the Druidlore there. In the great forest of Quintox the Elder of Quintox has presidence but he also defers to the Druidlore. The elves of the El Hiré are a remnant of the Quinkol.


Wood elves are the archetypal elves. Slim of build and slightly shorter than humans. They have delicately but noticeably pointed ears and slanted eyes. The hands tend to be slightly longer, with agile dexterous fingers. There skin ranges from a creamy white to deep tan or more frequently a sun dappled greenish shade. They are often described as looking noble, beautiful and smooth, especially by humans.


The vast majority of the remaining wood elf population live in Karritan one of the two remaining great forests. Located in the far north of Karandia. There is an official outpost in Saracan called Woodguard. The Quintoxian elves and their offshoots the Quinkorin and the El Hiré live in the other major forest of Quintox, which has been renamed Oakland, by the Aurian Empire. Yet many elves travel abroad in the world at large but these are usually isolated individuals and not settlers.

Game Mechanics
+2 DEX and WIZ, – 2 CON

They are not immune to sleep and instead receive a +2 racial bonus vs sleep and enchantment effects. They do not receive automatic chances to find secret doors but may search and find them as any other race.

Low light vision.

Racial Ability: Woodlore (Ex)
Wood elves gain a racial bonus of +1 per Hit Die to all Survival/Wilderness Lore checks relating to woods or forests, including tracking. Wood are considered easy terrain.

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