The first and most celebrated Emperor of Auria. Jomark was young and vibrant when he rose to preeminence through his understanding of politics and the role of the three Ms in ruling: money, military and might. He was known to say if you had the first two you might have the third. He successfully led Auria from a single nation state into the most powerful Empire on Karandia. In doing so he made himself, in relation to political power, money, military forces at his command and in reputation the most powerful man of his era.

Old Jomark Young Jomark


The experience changed him however and in his older years after the bitter War of Thorns with Torash had ended he was an old jaded man who had missed a lot of the benefit he originally envisioned from all his hard years of service. On the other hand he had a large family and delighted in leaving the throne to his second son, his eldest having pre-deceased him (another of his great sorrows).

When he died he had already arranged a simple tomb with only one decoration his own single name ‘Jomark’ written in gold lettering. He was despite his success a pious and (considering all he became) relatively humble. Yet after his death his decendents completely ignored his wishes and his tomb is one of the wonders of the world!

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