Inner Forts


The Inner Forts are a ring of forts similar to the Border Forts only they are in a much tighter group and they circle the city of Torash itself. These forts have only proved their use during the Elygian Invasion of 836PE.

The Torans had (and still do) concentrated their defences on an invasion from Auria. The Border Forts were completely bypassed as Elygia invaded through what had been Arcen to the south. Using magic to break through Arcen’s defences and to take the capital of Arcenfast the Elygians moved with astonishing rapidity. The Toran army was left all at sea barely aware that they were at war by the time the Elygians were into the heart of Torash. Redwatch the mighty fortress was not even a spectator. Luckily for Toran survival a second ring of defences had been built around Torash itself, the Inner Forts. The idea being that Auria might use its navy or simply its numbers to bypass a line of forts facing west. This ring by its very nature faced every direction and so the invasion met it.

During the following bloody battles the Inner Forts were renamed ‘The Last’. The were the final defence the Toran army was quickly assembling at Redwatch to march but it would be a month at least before they arrived in earnest, by then it would be over. Each fort fought till the last man. Indeed if the stories are to be believed one fort was manned for a while by a single man running around the fort pretending his colleagues were still alive and holding off a waiting detachment of 2000 men with that hoax.

With their leadership trapped on the other side of the battle lines and unable to give any direction Torash trembled and some fled, others however simply sat and waited to die as there was nowhere else to go. It was from these fatalists that the ‘Renegade’ raised his army. Torash had to fight because there was nowhere else for them. Might as well die here fighting like Torans than flee to be slain later. He raised an army out of the heart of Torash itself and marched to the Inner Fort sieges. There he defeated the Elygian army since his already knew they could not flee, already knew that defeat was only death.

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Inner Forts

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