Illetia is the second city of Errantlund and centre of the largest Dukedom. It is huge with many knights and noble families. It is a place full of riches and and political intrigue. In Illetia its families are split into clear and distinctive houses each known by their symbols and the nobles of Illetia have their own game or language of symbols. Serpents, mermaids, dragons, foxes and braulges (monsterous bear-like creatures) are the different house symbols. Yet each also has house colours, flowers and old tongue mottos.

Each of these houses vies against the others in order to gain favour or become the dukal house. Yet they do this ‘war’ of rivalries behind a facade of polite society. It is common for the most hated rivals to be in public overly exaggerated friends. As everything is done with symbols (as it is in the rest of Errantlund but simply far more so in illetia) a mere mention of a word from a motto or an icon on the hareldry of a certain house could be seen as positioning either for or against that house. The fact that many lie to deliberatly mislead and others are aware of this leads to a cold combat of subterfuge and bluff. The key to winning is to say one thing mean another and see though your opponent’s bluffs and thus prepare in advance to counter their moves whilst catching them unaware with your own.

Illetia has produced the most royal lines of any Dukedom.

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